Cork Standards



633/86 Cork - vocabulary
1215/86 Cork - Definitions and Packaging
2385/72 Corkwood in planks virgin cork etc Sampling
2386182 Corkwood in planks, virgin cork etc. Determination of moisture content
1997/72 Granulated cork and cork powder -specifications
2030176 Granulated cork - Size analysis by mechanical sieving
2031/86 Granulated cork - Bulk density test
2067/76 Granulated cork - Determination of moisture content
2219/72 Expanded pure agglomerated cork. Thermal cork Characteristics
2077/79 Pure expanded corkboard - Determination of modulus of rupture by bending
2189/86 Pure expanded corkboard -Determination of Bulk Density
2191/72 Pure expanded corkboard -Deformation under constant pressure
2509/73 Sound Absorbing Expanded Agglomerated Cork in Tiles -Characteristics
2510/73 Sound Absorbing Composition Cork in tiles - Characteristics
3813/87 Floor tiles of Agglomerated Cork -Characteristics: Sampling and Packing
3810/77 Floor tiles of Agglomerated Cork Methods of Test
2569/85 Cork Stoppers - Classification and
3869/81 Agglomerated Cork Material of Expansion Joints for construction and building -Characteristics, Sampling and Packing
3867/82 Agglomerated Cork Material of Expansion Joints for construction and building - Test Methods for above


Cork and Cork Products- Determination of thermal conductivity - Hot Plate Method
2066/86 Expanded Pure Agglomerated Cork-Determination of Moisture Content
4714/86 Composition Cork - Specifications
7322/86 Composition Cork Test Methods
8507/86 Agglomerated cork discs - Methods of Test
4707/81 Cork Stoppers sampling for inspection of dimensional characteristics
47081B5 Cork - Composition cork gasket material Test methods
4709/85 Cork - Composition cork gasket material Specifications
4711/87 Agglomerated cork discs - Specifications
9148/87 Composition cork in rolls to decoration -Test methods


Further information on published ISO Standards is available at


British Standard (Automobile Series) AU120 Cork Rubber Casket Materials (1966)
British Standard (Automobile Series) AUI2I Composition Cork Gasket Materials (1966)
British Standard (Aerospace Series) 2F66: 1982 Rubber Bonded cork sheets
British Standard 4332:1968 (Was DEF-I9-A) Composition Cork Jointing
M.O.D. Controllerate of the Navy
NES 804 Part 1 Issue 1 January 1982
Part 1 Composition Cork Sheet Fire Retarded
Part 2 Cork Slabs and Preformed Sections (Insulation Cork)
ASTM D.1752-84. Cork Expansion Joint Fillers for Concrete Paving and Structural Construction
ASTM D.545-84. Standard methods of testing above
B.S.6100 = Section 4.5 = 1984. Glossary of Building and Civil Engineering terms Forest products: Cork
B.S.8203: 1987 British Standard Code of Practice for the installation of Sheet and Tile Flooring
British Standard 4249:1989 Cork/Paper Jointing

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